Thursday, 18 January 2018

toyota corolla is just a lucky shoot

Toyota corolla is just a lucky shoot that didn't go wrong , what i mean by that , is that the company started making those cars in the 66, together with nissan coming up with the sunny , , competence wasn't that high at the time, and toyota took the advantage
, something what nissan didn't , nissan was always a step behind toyota in terms of production and the car was cheap and +mpg and good in terms of durability , those days there wasn't too many materials to resycle, and materials where too cheap and the best quality, there didn't existed machines to build the cars , there was alot of man hand work , but now things have changed and have gotten very very expencive , so expencixe that auto makers now have developed important recycing machines that turn the old cars into pieces and remake cars again form practically garbage they mix plastic with iron and other materials and make the new engine blocks from that, and are parts that they heat them to very high temperatures and cool this parts againg and loosing their original properties, ending up been weack and making the durability short, cos this is what has happened to his so wanted corolla and many other cars today and for your surprise europeans and japaneese are in front of the list ,

read in google TEN SURPRISINGLY UNRELIABLE CARS , so dont be so happy about your corolla , in the internet you might find lots of true and some lies , and dont bealieve those kelly boock and shit , coz they right about peoples preferences not about really good cars, japaneese cars used to be good but not any more , they have become too comercial, even those lexus , they are pure cheap publicity , ther are many costumers complains , about this cars getting oil sludge , I
ll tAKE A CHEVY CAVALIER OF A GOLF OVER ANY OF THIS CARS JUST CHECK, HOW MANY YEARS THE STAYED IN PRODUCTION AND DONT THINCK THAT THE PRODUCTION STOPED COZ THE CARS ARE BAD BUT COZ THEY ARE TOO GOOD , coz there was no bussines on building them coz they dont breack so there isn't bussiness for selling spare parts , something that automaker LOVE , that's why the corolla is still in production cos it gives lots of spare parts profit, same happened to MAZDA 323 really great car and they switched to that crappy mazda 3 cos the 3 breacks alot every thig that a car maker takes away from the market is eather for 2 reazons , they are really shity or they are too good , really shity coz this brings a weak credibility to the factories , and too good coz tos dont bring any profit to the factories , so that they keep a mid point , its hard to keep costumers and factories happy you know.

 Automobiles are marketed under the brands BMW (with sub-brands BMW M for performance models and BMW i for plug-in electric cars), Mini and Rolls-Royce Motorcycles are marketed under the brand BMW Motorrad.

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